A unique twist on the use of metal is to introduce simple and complex shapes to our metal collections. By utilizing these shapes, these designs provide a modern and bold interpretation on the use of metal and are truly a cut above the rest.


The finishing touch on a metal piece is the thick layer of gold or rhodium plating that provides each product with the desired finish. Working with our plating factory partners, we are able to offer various plating techniques including electromagnetic and ion plating, as well as various finishes including shiny and matte.


With over two decades of experience, our specialty lies in our ability to work with different metal materials to bring an idea on paper into a final product. Our core range of materials include brass, sterling silver and stainless steel.


Just as metal can be bold, a minimalist use of metal can achieve the delicate and subtle elegance that our clients expect. The delicate look seeks to capture the true essence of "less is more."



In some cases, a product with a textured surface serves as a statement of a newer, alternative look. We are able to provide various textures surfaces including matte, satin and stipple finishes.


To achieve the textured look, much is done straight on the molding of the product before it is casted. Stipple finishes for example are applied straight on the rubber mold to ensure the subtle texture is visible on the castings itself.


A specialized form of polishing is required to attain a certain level of texture. Whereas smooth and shiny finishes require a very fine polishing tool, textured products requires a multitude of fine and tough tools for each region to stay true to the original design.

Texture as an Alternative

Texture is utilized to provide fresh and alternative forms of interpretation to new collections. Whereas smooth and shiny surfaces utilizes its clean look to tell its own story, textured surfaces seeks to show that even rougher elements can attain its own level of elegance.



An even more delicate use of pave, our micropave line is a simple, yet luxurious take on the use of pave. By utilizing wax setting techniques prior to casting, micropave styles are able to achieve an incredibly fine and delicate finish.

Swarovski Stones

To truly achieve a fine pave look and finish, only the finest Swarovski Stones are used in for our pave line. Each stone carefully set, one by one, to ensure a beautiful product.

Look of Real

Our pave collection serves as the backbone of our "Look of Real" styles. By elegantly combining delicate stones and classic finishes, our pave collection truly defines our focus on fine fashion jewelry.

By Definition

Our pave collection is defined as the art of achieving a paved diamond look and feel. Our pave collection is made up of a rich field of stones, beautifully crafted and carefully set.



Metal by itself can only go so far. The introduction of color helps to add newness and pop to new collections that helps differentiate itself from the rest. The process of applying color or enameling is a process and skillset that we have continued to hone as new technology is introduced.

Ground Off Enamel

Ground off enameling is an alternative finish for adding color on product. While the enamel process is similar to soft enameling, ground off enameling includes an additional step of polishing the enamel with the metal surface, resulting in an incredibly fine and smooth application of color on product.

Soft Enamel

Soft enameling (also known as "wet enameling") refers to the process in which the enamel is applied to a product and is then given time to dry. Even though the enamel is applied evenly, the soft enameling process will still allow the grooves of the product to show and provides the product with a softer and warmer look and feel.


Both soft and ground off enamel are techniques that can be applied to a variety of product including rings, earrings and bangles. The enamel process allows our clients the opportunity to explore new and unique takes on modern designs.