Glitterrings, Inc. is a high end manufacturer of fine fashion jewelry, working closely with leading industry brands and lines. We pride ourselves on being able to perfectly execute a designer's request and new idea. That is why we are a vertically integrated company. Along with our partner manufacturing factory in China, we are present in every step of the production development and production process, from initial idea creation to packaging and delivery

The Founder

Meet our founder,
Joyce Tsao.

Joyce Tsao is the creative director that has led Glitterrings, Inc. to become the company that it is today. Bringing over 20 years of hands-on industry experience to the table, Joyce's focus has always been on providing clients with only the finest fashion looks and high quality jewelry.

Our Team

In the fashion industry, it is important to be aware that trends can change overnight. From a manufacturing standpoint, it is even more important to have a global team in place around the world to work with leading designers to capture the latest, most fashion forward concepts and ideas. With product development and sales teams in California and New York; creative design hubs in the USA, Europe and Asia; and our partner manufacturing factory in China, we have a well-seasoned team ready to handle our clients' creative projects.